well:o is bringing dental wellness to life.

What if keeping our mouths in tip-top condition was as easy and enjoyable as getting our hair cut? That was the question we asked ourselves, as we struggled yet again to find a dentist appointment.


today, we couldn’t be prouder to welcome you to well:o, the UK’s first dental wellness studio.

We’re here to make it far easier to keep mouths healthy and happy, by offering preventive hygiene treatments bespoke to each patient, without the need to see a dentist first.

Why are we bringing all our clinical experience to the high street? Because our mouths are far too important to be a second thought.

As the gateway to our whole body, our mouth is central to our overall health and wellbeing. And a healthy smile doesn’t just look lovely, it makes us — and everyone one around us — feel just that little bit better.

our values

the team