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Wrinkles, fine lines and frown lines are a completely natural part of the ageing process — but it doesn’t mean you have to put up with them.

Anti-wrinkle injectables, dermal fillers and skin boosters are popular treatment options to rejuvenate your skin and enhance your best features.

Here at well:o, our expert practitioners will take the time to get to know your concerns and treatment goals, before coming up with a treatment plan tailored to you.

well:o wrinkle reduction
Anti-wrinkle treatments such as Botox®, are a safe and effective, non-surgical injectable treatment to reduce and prevent fine lines. Performed by our experienced team, anti-wrinkle cosmetic injectables produce natural-looking results, creating a refreshed and youthful look.

They are typically used on areas such as the forehead, between the eyebrows (glabellar lines), and around the eyes (crows’ feet). The effects of anti-wrinkle injections usually take a few days to fully develop. The results typically last 3-4 months.

well:o facial rejuvenation
Dermal Fillers are a cosmetic injectables treatment used to restore volume and structure to your face, smooth out wrinkles and lines, and enhance facial contours. Designed to refresh, lift and add symmetry to your face, dermal fillers can provide a rejuvenated, youthful, and natural appearance.

well:o skin boosters
A hydrating injectable skin treatment, skin boosters fuel the stimulation of collagen and elastin, substances that are responsible for skin laxity, structure, and hydration. This in turn improves skin tone, hydration, and the appearance of fine lines. Skin boosters also stimulate collagen production, which can further enhance the skin’s firmness and smoothness.


Benefits of well:o facial aesthetics treatments

With both age and repetitive muscle movement, lines settle into the face and are visible even at rest. It’s these static, 24/7 lines that can make your face look tired. By softening those lines and wrinkles in the skin, your face looks fresher, more youthful, and relaxed.

Anti-wrinkle injectables can do more than just reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles; they can also be used as a non-surgical alternative to lift certain parts of the face and balance asymmetrical features.

You don’t have to have wrinkles to know you don’t want them in your future. While the main purpose of anti-wrinkle injectables is to improve or temporarily remove existing lines, they can be used as a preventive measure to help soften the expression lines that form when your face moves and put the formation of future lines on pause.

Using market-leading cosmetic injectable products, we produce high-quality results that embrace and enhance natural beauty.

Beyond cosmetic
Anti-wrinkle injectables can also be used to treat non-cosmetic areas. Some added benefits of treating targeted muscles can include a reduction in excessive sweating (in areas such as the underarms).

The Dental Professional difference
Dentists undergo extensive medical training and have in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy, nerves, and muscles due to their focus on oral and facial structures. This expertise allows them to perform injectable treatments with precision, ensuring great results and minimising the risk of complications.

On top of this, dental professionals consider overall facial harmony when administering injectables. They analyse not only the specific treatment area but also how it complements the patient’s entire facial structure and smile, aiming for natural-looking results.

They may combine cosmetic injectables with other dental or facial treatments to achieve comprehensive improvements in a patient’s appearance and oral health.

Our dental professionals prioritise patient well-being and communication. They engage in thorough consultations, discussing expectations, risks, and desired outcomes, ensuring patients feel comfortable and informed throughout the treatment process.


The well:o team is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in aesthetics, safety standards, innovations, and dental products. We prioritise continuous education and training to ensure that we provide the highest quality of care to our patients.

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Our prices. 20% off summer promotion

well:o wrinkle reduction 20% off summer promotion

Upper Face
1 area – £140
2 areas – £190
3 areas – £210
Gummy Smile/Lip Flip £140 or £100 as additional area
Bunny Lines £50 as an additional area

Lower Face
Downturned corners £140
Chin £140

Full Face:
3 areas upper face + lower face (downturned corners and chin) £380
Masseter/jaw slimming: £250
Course of treatment (3 x masseter Botox) £699

Hyperhidrosis treatment (hands or armpits)

Nefertiti neck lift / Platysmal band

*please note: Toxins for males may incur an extra cost due to larger doses needed*


well:o facial rejuvenation 20% off summer promotion

Dermal filler, including temple, cheek, jawline, peri-oral, nose to mouth lines, lips

0,5ml dermal filler £110 

Per 1ml dermal filler £180

Dissolve /correction £250 per session (may incur multiple sessions)

well:o skin boosters 20% off summer promotion

Sunekos per session £199
Course of treatment 3 x sunekos £559
Juvederm Volite 2 x 1ml syringe £499 – one session required


If you’d like to find out more about the best treatment for you, we offer a free consultation.

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