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Have you got a special occasion coming up? Or do you just want to feel confident and at your best with a brighter smile? Teeth whitening is one of the most effective ways you can improve your natural smile, and we’re thrilled that we’re now offering it at well:o.

Why do our teeth get stained?
Teeth get stained for a variety of reasons, and the success of whitening depends largely on the type of staining present.

‘Extrinsic staining’ refers to staining caused by external factors such as tea, coffee, cigarettes, red wine and some mouthwashes (which contain chlorhexidine). It’s the most common form of staining and it only affects the outer surfaces of the teeth. Extrinsic staining can be removed with a GBT hygiene appointment.

‘Intrinsic staining’ refers to stain ‘inside’ the tooth. This is discolouration that is incorporated into the tooth, when the tooth is developing, or when the tooth has erupted. This type of staining can’t be removed during a GBT hygiene appointment. For internal staining, we have to rely on tooth whitening to enhance the colour of the teeth.

Well:o Whitening
At well:o we offer Boutique Whitening.

Boutique is the UK’s most trusted teeth whitening brand, providing the most effective and comfortable whitening experience.

Boutique Whitening is administered by a dental professional, and then carried out at home. It is sixty times stronger than non-professional whitening treatments. It’s less sensitive than laser teeth whitening, and results can be seen in just 2 to 3 weeks.

Boutique Whitening has become one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments as it’s a non- invasive and affordable route to a whiter, brighter smile.

Our prices.
well:o dentist exam £69.90 (free during spring clean promotion)
well:o whitening £379.90 £299 (spring clean promotion)
well:o whitening B1 Guarantee set £409.90 GBP

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What can I expect from my well:o whitening treatment?

Appointment 1) Full examination with one of our dentists

  • Includes a thorough assessment and diagnosis of your teeth
  • Consent and treatment planning
  • Good quality pre-treatment photographs and shade guide taken
  • Impressions or scan, which are then sent to the lab
  • You may be advised to have some composite restorations to cover exposed
  • Your dental professional will recommend using a sensitive toothpaste two weeks prior to starting whitening

Appointment 2) Fitting of trays

  • Your dental professional will fit your trays and provide you with your whitening kit
  • Demonstrations on how to whiten your teeth will be included in your appointment
  • Post-operative care instructions will be provided for you

Appointment 3) Review

  • Post-whitening results assessment with photographs / shade guide
  • Top-up kits prescribed if needed
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Boutique Whitening products
Your dental professional will ask you some questions about your lifestyle and preferences, before recommending which product is best suited to you. With Boutique, you can whiten your teeth, your way:

Boutique by day
This fast-acting formula guarantees great results with just 90 minutes of daily use:

  • 6% Hydrogen Peroxide
  •  1.5 hours per day
  • Kit lasts 3 weeks

Boutique by night
Let the magic happen while you sleep:

  • 10 -16% Carbamide Peroxide
  •  4-6 hours per day
  • Especially for patients with sensitive teeth
  • Kit lasts 3 weeks

Boutique B1 Guarantee
Boutique’s maximum strength gel is formulated to act whilst you sleep. Shade B1 (the lightest naturally occurring tooth shade) is guaranteed:

  • 16% Carbamide peroxide
  • 4-6 hours per day
  • Kit lasts 6 weeks

Your journey to a whiter, brighter smile starts here.



How does whitening work?

Teeth are whitened by the use of a gel concentrate placed in trays worn over your teeth. The whitening gel breaks down stains through oxidisation. It interacts with the tooth surface by removing surface staining and blemishes, all the while working internally within the tooth surface, to brighten their shade overall.

How long does it take?

With Boutique Whitening, between 3-6 weeks.

How long will the effects last?

Teeth will appear whiter for up to 3 years and you can use top ups every 6 or so months. Teeth whitening treatments offer a dazzling smile, but the results aren’t permanent. Over time, without intervention, the colour of your newly whitened teeth will gradually revert to their previous shade. How long the whitening lasts partly depends on your lifestyle. Individuals who smoke or frequently consume food and drink that stains teeth — such as tea, coffee, red wine and curry — may benefit from more regular teeth whitening touch-ups after their initial treatment, for example every 3 to 4 months. If you’re not regularly consuming staining food and drink, you might want a touch-up every 6-12 months. Ask your dental professional about the optimal frequency for whitening touch-ups. They can take into account your habits and enamel condition, to recommend the most suitable whitening maintenance schedule for a lasting, brighter smile.

What should I avoid during my tooth whitening treatment?

For best results, it’s worth going easy on staining food and drink like coffee, red wine and curry.

Is it safe, does it hurt?

Boutique Whitening is a safe way to whiten your teeth, but there are some contraindications, which your dental professional will discuss with you. Some sensitivity can be experienced – it normally settles after 48 hours.

Are there any risks?

The main side-effect of teeth whitening is sensitivity. Up to 70% of people who have teeth whitening will experience some form of sensitivity, from mild discomfort to severe pain.  Some people may also feel slight irritation of the gums or lips. Both of these effects are temporary and will resolve, given a little time, after stopping or finishing your treatment. 

Will I end up with a fake looking ‘Hollywood’ smile?
Dentist-supervised home-whitening is a gradual process, so you can decide quite easily when you are happy with the shade of your teeth and when you would like to stop the process. With teeth whitening, even when the teeth become very white, they should still look natural and pleasing without looking fake. The fake ‘Hollywood’ effect is often down to the use of overly white porcelain crowns or veneer, which are more opaque and less natural looking than your own teeth.

Does Whitening whiten crowns, bridges, veneers, and implants?

Whitening only works on natural teeth. Your dentist can replace crowns and veneers to the new shade of your whiter natural teeth.

Coconut oil pulling, bicarbonate of soda, charcoal… do home remedies work?

There is no evidence to show that any of these products whiten your teeth. Bicarbonate soda is a versatile ingredient and has many uses from kitchen cleaning to removing stubborn carpet stains. Teeth-wise however, it may do a fabulous job in lifting the red wine or coffee stains from the tooth surface, as will charcoal toothpaste, but they are abrasive so they can damage the surface of your teeth.
Enamel will never regenerate once it wears away.

Our prices.
well:o dentist exam £69.90 (free during spring clean promotion)
well:o whitening £379.90 £299 (spring clean promotion)
well:o whitening B1 Guarantee set £409.90 GBP

Please contact us for financing options.