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Following your first assessment with us, we might recommend one of our well:o wow clean appointments. This more thorough 45min or 60min treatment is recommended for you if your objective is stable gum health and you want to keep up a high level of oral hygiene with 2 annual hygiene appointments.

After a full oral health check and oral cancer screening, we’ll remove stains, plaque and tartar for you with a combination of our award-winning Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) treatment with Airflow® and hand instruments.

At a well:o wow clean visit, our hygienists will perform a thorough cleaning that includes removing deep-seated plaque and tartar, even from below your gumline. If your teeth need fluoride to help you with sensitivity and surface protection, your hygienist can apply this for you.

At well:o we believe prevention is much more effective than intervention. We’re not just about cleaning your teeth. Our goal is to support you in developing healthy habits and maintaining excellent oral health. Before you go, our hygienists will offer you advice on how to maintain your healthy habits to keep your excellent oral health on track.

With more time at a well:o wow clean appointment for discussing any questions or worries you might have, we can help you understand how your gum health connects to your overall wellbeing, laying the groundwork for your long-term oral health. You’ll walk out of our studio with that super-smooth feeling on your teeth and a clean smile.

well:o wow £119.90

well:o wow+ £159.90