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We use state-of-the-art techniques as standard at every hygienist appointment, including Air Polishing with Airflow®. Please find all our prices below, along with guidance on where to start if you’re new to well:o.

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where do I start?

If this is your first appointment with well:o, we recommend you start with the well:o welcome, or a my well:o plan. The well:o welcome includes a full oral health check and hygiene treatment: it’s a slightly longer appointment to set the foundations for your ongoing preventive care.

The my well:o plan is a convenient monthly subscription, meaning you can spread the cost of your care. It also starts with a slightly longer appointment to set the foundations of your long-term dental wellness. The initial full oral health check is free, followed by the hygiene treatment — and you’re then all set for regular hygiene appointments going forwards.

Children can start with the well:o junior clean  and need to be over 16 to sign up to a my well:o plan.


my well:o plan 2+2

£16.90 per month

my well:o plan 4+2

£29.90 per month

well:o perio exam


well:o junior clean (GBT)


well:o classic clean (GBT)


well:o welcome clean (new patients GBT)

£119.90  £77.90 (summer promotion) 

well:o wow clean (GBT)


well:o perio care (GBT)

prices from £249

well:o whitening

prices from £299

well:o facial aesthetics

prices from £140