Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) with Airflow.®

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about this treatment.

We use the latest techniques as standard at every hygienist appointment, including Guided Biofilm Therapy – or GBT – with Airflow®.

GBT is a masterstroke in dental hygiene, transforming your visit to our wellness studio into a seamless and enjoyable experience – the closest thing to a dental spa day. After your appointment at well:o, your teeth will look better, feel super smooth, and your smile will be brighter.

We know how important it is for you to look your best, but it’s not just about aesthetics. GBT is a precise and gentle method that goes beyond the visible. It’s a state-of-the-art treatment which can contribute significantly to your overall oral health.


Why is GBT with Airflow® a game-changer?

Advancements in scientific understanding show that the key to preventing gum disease or tooth decay is the eradication of dental biofilm. This sticky film of bacteria constantly forms on teeth and gums, fostering dental issues if left unaddressed.

Biofilm can solidify into calculus which gathers on tooth surfaces and beneath the gum line. Historically, it was thought that solid calculus rather than biofilm was the active agent of gum disease, which is why it would be removed through use of manual scaling instruments and ultrasonic scalers.

Airflow® is a new, minimally invasive method that dislodges and eliminates biofilm with remarkable efficiency. Its ‘jet’ action brings a level of precision that traditional cleaning methods can’t match, reaching deep into hard to access areas, such as between the teeth.

The use of finely granulated particles (Erythritol or Sodium bicarbonate) makes this procedure safely applicable around soft tissues, facilitating safe and pain-free eradication of biofilm. These powders are finely-tuned to preserve enamel integrity, ensuring thorough cleaning without undue wear which can often result from scaling.

Not only will a GBT session with Airflow® be a more enjoyable and comfortable experience for you, it’s also much faster and more effective than traditional treatments. Visiting our well:o studio won’t take up any more of your time than it needs to.

Our efficient and convenient treatments will ensure that your visit will go smoothly, and you’ll leave our studio with healthier gums.


Bespoke well:o care for you
We prioritise personalised care, and will consider all individual health conditions to ensure an expert, tailored approach to help you achieve and maintain dental wellness.

Airflow® treatments may not be suitable for patients with specific medical conditions or allergies, but don’t worry, we’ve got treatment options for everyone.

Your expert hygienist will take your medical history into account to deliver your bespoke treatment plan with a smile.


What to expect during your GBT with Airflow® visit
1. We’ll establish your treatment needs by carrying out a full oral health assessment (including checking the gums and a screening for oral cancer).

2. Next we’ll apply a coloured liquid which highlights dental biofilm, to show you exactly where on the teeth the biofilm has gathered.

3. Together, we’ll review your oral hygiene routine, with tips and techniques for how to prevent biofilm build-up and maintain good oral health.

4. Then we’ll remove the biofilm, any stains and calculus with some of the latest technologies, including Airflow®, Perioflow®, and Piezon® – depending on your specific treatment needs.

5. Almost time to relax, the treatment is nearly over. We’ll just carry out a final check to remove any remaining biofilm or calculus, before applying a fluoride treatment.

6. Based on your oral hygiene and risk assessment, we can discuss your next appointment together.

At well:o our focus is on providing preventive and therapeutic treatment plans that help you enjoy the process of maintaining excellent oral health, while making your next appointment with a dental professional something you’ll look forward to.