well:o preventative hygiene plan.

A fully featured examination, carried out by our hygienist.

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about this treatment.

This treatment is for patients who have been clinically assessed by one of our in-house Hygienists and Therapists and wish to be part of the Wello Hygiene plan. The appointment is tailored for patients who are periodontally stable and wish to maintain a high level of oral hygiene on a regular basis . During your visit your DCP will carry out; oral cancer screening, periodontal charting, plaque and bleeding indicies, oral hygiene instruction and clean your teeth using EMS airflow (Guided Biofilm treatment). Cleaning will involve cleaning above and below the gum margins with a combination of hand instruments and a piezon scaler (power driven). Your hygienist will also be able to care for your implants, bridges and clean your dentures.

If you require fluoride application, your hygienist can apply this to help with sensitivity and protect tooth surface wear.

Prices start from £123456 for 30 minute appointment.

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