Notes from Felix … State of the Nation: Dentistry and Flyering

I truly believe in well:o and in trying to make a difference. Easy access dental care and so on. I go out onto the street and want to tell everybody about it. At well:o we all do. Every free moment we get, we position ourselves directly in front of Cambridge Station, on the corner by Caffe Nero, to hand out flyers. We’re hard to miss because we stand between 4-metre tall pink and green banners, and we’re dressed in the same colours.

You wouldn’t believe how some people look at you.

Dental Hygiene – can you please stop! What on earth do you want from me? – I don’t need a dentist! There’s one lady in particular — I see her every time I hand out flyers, getting a coffee (we love coffee drinkers btw: our Airflow machine is great at removing stains) — and I always ask her what she thinks about the state of UK dentistry, and whether it’s worth supporting those trying to bring change. She’s never shown a flicker of interest.

On Friday morning, I was in my usual spot and she was grabbing her usual coffee. I just told her one day she’ll take a flyer. And she smiled. Made my week.