Felix on the BBC: dental wellness, football & how the Germans do it!

When you discover that your founder didn’t know boll*cks was a naughty word 😅 This morning, Felix headed to BBC Cambridgeshire to meet Chris Mann. They talked football, dental wellness, and why prevention is better than cure. The interview is worth a listen in full — headlines below.

Interview best bits:

🦷 Cambridge is home to the UK’s first dental wellness studio (that’s us!) conveniently located next to Cambridge Station

🦷 At a time when UK dentistry is challenged, with 90% of NHS dentists not taking on new patients, Well:o offers direct access dental hygiene treatments

🇩🇪 Felix is from Germany, where everyone must have health insurance. Germans are incentivised to have preventive dental care. If Felix didn’t have a dental hygiene treatment every 3-6 months, his health insurance premium would go up!

🇬🇧 When he arrived in the UK, Felix couldn’t believe how difficult it was to see a hygienist: he was told he needed to see a dentist first. It took 6 months to get a dental hygiene appointment…

Direct Access came into play over 10 years ago in the UK. It means you can see a hygienist, without seeing a dentist first. Felix was determined to use Direct Access to make dental hygiene more easily accessible.

🙌 Our Co-Founder and Clinical Director Shelley Belgrove has over 15 years’ experience as a dental hygienist and therapist. She is passionate about empowering hygienists to operate at their full scope of practice, and making it easier for patients to access preventive, hygiene treatments

❤️ Preventive dental care is so important, not least because gum disease is linked to the UK’s biggest killer: heart disease!

💎 Well:o uses the latest and best technology, EMS Guided Biofilm Therapy, to provide the best possible teeth clean, pain-free

😌 Well:o has welcomed over 500 patients in the first 6 months. Our patients appreciate the calm and stress-free feel of the studio.

Felix also shared a few dental wellness tips:

✨ Use a fluoride toothpaste and don’t rinse: the fluoride offers up to 12 hours of protection
✨If you’re going to eat sugar, eat it with a meal, not across the day
✨ Go easy on the mouthwash: it kills the good bacteria as well as the bad

Happy National Smile Month!

Thanks for having us, Chris!